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SMC core professional manufacturer

2018/5/27      view:
SMC core (Soft Magnetic Composite) is a kind of new type soft magnetic material product which is made of high-purity iron powder as the main raw material, insulating the surface of powder particles, and applying powder metallurgy technology to press molding and heat treatment. It has low high-frequency eddy current loss, high saturation magnetic induction, can be processed into complex 3D structure products, use of SMC core, with the advantages of reduced motor size, power consumption, wire savings, and simplified assembly.
Pinghu Qiaozhi Electronics has always been adhering to the innovative concept of “don’t want to, but also exert oneself” to provide customers with high-performance, high-standard, high-precision high-tech new material products, and strives to be “competitive with others” in the industry. "To be the leader in the industry, attract high-end customers, and lead the advancement of science and technology."
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